Business Forecast 2010

Art DirectionInteraction DesignUI/UX

Business Forecast, like a number of other Chicago Booth events is annual in nature. It is an event surrounding what is happening in the industry and what the industries best minds are thing about when it comes to the state of the industry and in some cases the world at large. Each year the site and print collateral are redesigned to fit a theme or topic, and this year was focusing on the economic lookout after the fallout of the housing and stock markets. With the economy slowly bringing itself back from the precipice the cool calming colors were used to evoke a sense of equilibrium. The warm oranges were used to sharply contrast this feeling as work is not quite done restoring things to historic norms. The site had to be designed with an existing architecture and structure in place and as such the site we re-skinned and left structurally identical to previous years.

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