DaVinci Pattern Library

Art DirectionInteraction DesignUI/UX

As a rapidly growing company, LinkedIn needed a way in which to scale it's design and code patterns as new products were introduced and being redesigned. Working with both designers and developers, myself and several developers worked out a system by which a designer doesn't have to build comprehensive specs nor do they have to redesign a pattern every time they need to use a common component. This meant a nomenclature tied to the code could be devised which would allow a designer to spec out an item as real english instead of a series of hex values and font styles ("Error Alert"). From there a dev would know that the spec calls for the existing Error Alert component. This allows designs to be both accessible and scalable. The below designs show the breadth and scale of the current design library. For this project I worked as project lead designer and art director facilitating pattern discussions across teams of designers and project managers in order to standardize the work being completed during the duration of my time on the team.

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