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As the sole designer, second only to creative director, the Moen site redesign was a daunting task, to say the least. While the client wanted to keep most of their site functions intact they wanted to enter a space that was dominated by high-end, sophisticated competition like Kohler that were providing a more elegant and impactful experience while supplying users what they needed most...replacement parts. I was given full reign of their brand and visuals and with the support of my CD developed the overall art direction and eventual final design for the site, soup-to-nuts, as it were. The many problems we faced was integration of existing site functions such as their back-end tool for managing product information and a standard apache database and structure for managing dynamic content on the site, including Homepage Rotations, featured products and eventually a Faucet Selector. The goals were met, not with ease, but with careful consideration, deliberation and ample application of the Agile workflow to bring a prototype site to life with design and development working in tandem to provide the client with a front-row seat to the progression of their new site and tools. A phase II project was the creation and implementation of the faucet selector. a visual tool for finding the best faucet for you as a consumer utilizing the back-end product information software and a dynamically structured interface akin to iTunes "coverflow" system but not exactly like it as the filters adjust and change based on selections in the product path. A great tool was born out of the process to build the new site and the overall integration.

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