Newsdesk Content Review System

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The Newsdesk internal application was originally an engineer-built tool, created when no UI/UX resources were available. While technically proficient and functional for the urgency of the need, the application was fragmented. Features that should have been bundled together were split between pages, the user couldn't scan and review content in the application directly nor could they review a feature email before being sent. Note that the content team has to review content post every few days for relevancy and prioritization. The volume of content to review is in the thousands of articles. This lead to the opening of the project on my team. Working with the LinkedIn Content Team in New York through interviews and feature reviews, I was able to bring together the features that should have been together in the first place and provide a way for the content team to do the reviews they need to on a more reliable and efficient basis. They could now skim the article for content quality, flag as spam, add imagery where none existed, and promote to the homepage or categorize using a tagging system. Invision link:

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