Nuage Database Software

Art DirectionInteraction DesignUI/UX

Application engineers typically need to have a way to connect their application to a data source and the old way would be to contact the Nuage team to ask for access, an api key and a quota (usage) volume would be assigned to them. The Nuage team worked on an in house solution, which generally met their needs for administrative purposes, but hey wanted to make this part of the process more of a self-service tool so they could work on improvements to the database systems and the interactions with our various storage mediums. To that end, I worked through the flow with some of their key engineers to both understand the process and terminology, but also the needs that the current application could not meet. With my requirements and interview information in tow I set to work out their workflow in a more coherent and amenable process. I was tasked with updating the design patterns, refining the existing page flows and tools as well as creating flow diagrams, high-fidelity wireframes and final designs and specs. Invision Link:

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