Raptor Reporting Dashboard

Art DirectionInteraction DesignUI/UX

Any large company worth their salt needs a way to know how their site or product is doing. Information gathering on the Data Science side is only part of the solution. LinkedIn has numerous tools internally that facilitate some of the functioned needed for generating actionable insights but they aren't as consistent as the executives liked. This prompted the consolidation of various tools and introduction of features seen in other paid tools such as Tableau and Domo in a all-encompassing and scalable reporting dashboard. Currently in its first phase of product development, this design allows users to generate their own dashboards and report cards of various metrics and datapoints using the variety of defined metrics created by the Data Science team. Further, this tool is meant to increase overall discovery of various existing dashboards in effort to reduce needless dashboard duplication. On this fast-paced project I worked as the lead designer. My work on the project included high-fidelity wireframes, visual design, user feedback discussions, collaboration and final design and specs. Invision link: https://invis.io/E83KRAHDF

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