Tyco Electronics Site Refresh

Web Design

Tyco Electronics had a site they were content but had concerns over. These concerns stemmed from the fact that their site stored the entire breadth of their parts catalog. Now, Tyco is a big company, their parts are used in a wide array of industries, from aerospace to automotive to consumer electronics, however, they had no easy way of relaying that information to the consumer. While their consumers know what they want, it was still difficult to find the exact parts in question. This is where I came in. I was tasked with restructuring the interior product pages and search functionality with the help of the information architect on the project in an effort to make searching for and finding those elusive parts that much easier. We created a much more condensed and concise search tool which allows you to filter via a large dropdown list and find the product in question. No small feat. Amidst all this we also refreshed their homepage design to be more welcoming and informational about what Tyco does as well as tidied up numerous universal site elements such as table structures, search boxes, visual organization, etc.

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